E Process Med

E Process Med was born as a company to provide solutions in the area of the digitalization of medical processes. We are exclusively dedicated to developing tools that combine two converging objectives:

  • To facilitate the work of the health professional.
  • To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of communication, management and results towards the patient.

One of the slogans with greater uniformity of criteria at international level is the one related to the administrative workload that health professionals must bear. According to different publications and studies, the doctors dedicate, on average, between 30% and 40% of their day to administrative procedures. This implies a decrease in their availability to attend to the patient. Therefore, in E Process Med we are in a constant search for the increase in the quality of care, the operational efficiency and the effectiveness of the processes in the health sector.

The digitalization of processes implies reduction of time dedicated to administrative tasks.

Technological tools with high added value.that facilitate the work of the healthcare professional.to increase healthcare quality


Increase the degree of satisfaction in healthcare management, through technological applications with a high added value that facilitate communication, understanding, ease of use and therefore effectiveness and efficiency in the sector as a whole, both for healthcare professionals and for the people who interact in it.

To be an international reference entity for the health sector in everything related to communication technologies and management. Our Core Business is the development of applications, systems and management tools that are specially conceived and designed to provide value and innovative solutions to institutions, companies and professionals in the medical-sanitary sector both public and private management.



Excellence in the product, excellence in the service, excellence in the treatment. Only if we demand the best, we can give the best.

Passion and dedication, we like what we do and we do what we know best, so effort does not mean sacrifice.

Active listening, our client knows what he/ she needs, we help him/her get started.

Transformation, we like to innovate and develop solutions that help improve our environment, our life.

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