No one is better than those who are involved in health care on a daily basis in order to find out about those aspects that could be improved.

For this reason, a group of doctors from different specialties and with a diversity of experiences, join experts in communication technologies and organization to develop solutions that improve the management of health processes.

We are an eHealth company in constant search of excellence in pursuit of improvement in health care.

This is why we have equipped ourselves with a dynamic and flexible structure, but at the same time robust and solvent.

A – Medical-Scientific Committee: Composed of health professionals (doctors, dentists, nurses and researchers who assume the responsibility of ensuring that all our projects always maintain the perspective and appropriate approach of the health professional.

B- Technical-Creative Committee. Integrated by professionals of communication technologies, computer security, graphic design and animation, is responsible for transforming the needs of our clients in effective and efficient functional solutions, always under the criteria and values indicated by our Medical-Scientific Committee.

C- Direction of Organization and Management: They are responsible for internal control, business relationship with clients, planning and business strategy. They are also those who, together with the external legal team and collaborators from different areas, verify the viability and validity of the solutions developed and the projects under execution.

A dynamic and functional matrix organization, where young entrepreneurs join professionals with extensive experience providing different visions and perceptions, but with the same objective, to create solutions that humanize and improve those aspects of health where we can provide value.


A Multigenerational and Multidisciplinary team that provides knowledge, experience and capacity to innovate in eHealth.

Team presentation

Advisory Board

E Process Med seeks in this external support organism to provide its Medical-Scientific Committee with a greater capacity of analysis and discernment on certain procedures and medical specialties. Its mission is to serve as a consulting and review body of the functionalities and specifications of the developments and products generated by the company. Its composition is variable, but fundamentally they participate in this one, professionals of the health of recognized prestige and extensive experience as much at clinical level as educational.

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