Pill Alarm

Application for adherence control, control and monitoring of medical treatments, primarily designed for chronic patients. The Pill Alarm system sends SMS to remind you to take the medication.

General Functionalities

Users and patients management

Management agendas of doctors, clinics or hospitals

Management of specialists’ consultation

Recipe management

Sending messaging of adherence (SMS, Telegram or others)

Receipt of confirmation of medication adherence

Tracking treatments

How does it work?

With Pill Alarm the patient does not have to program anything, since the doctor himself provides the data of dosage and duration of treatment. The ability to integrate the application with health management systems avoids additional work for the healthcare professional, taking advantage of the resources of the health systems and improving the quality of life of patients.

Pill Alarm allows the inclusion of non-pharmacological measures and information of incompatibilities with other medications prescribed to the patient.

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