Smart Consent

First tool for the integral management of the informed consent procedure in digital format. It aids patient understanding and provides reassurance at every step of informed consent.

  • Tool designed by and for healthcare professionals.
  • Total automation of the procedure.
  • Easy to understand through animated videos.
  • Elimination of any manual process and its associated costs.

SmartConsent Contributions

For the patient

Improves understanding

For the professional

Integrity and standardization of processes

Simplicity, comfort and safety

Elimination of costs and losses in document management


Automation of procedures.

Smart Consent Features

The solution

For the patient: Facilitates the understanding and acceptance of the indicated procedure; reduces doubts, uncertainties and fears derived from lack of knowledge.

For the professional: It standardizes the information presented to the patient, assures in a total and absolute way the integrity of the Signed Consent, reduces documentary costs and process times.

All in one tool

It includes explanatory video for the patient with 3D animations in high definition, detailed information of the medical procedure in a colloquial language, digital signature and data recording integrated with the system of each center.

Visual and interactive

Intuitive, easy-to-understand eHealth solution that guides the patient through the entire informed consent process: from explaining the procedure to digitally signing the protected PDF document, which can be integrated into the patient’s medical record.


SmartConsent is designed to work with systems iOS, Android, for different idiosyncrasies and languages, easily parameterizable and adaptable to specific needs.
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